A Custom Blanket Could be the Ultimate Trade Show Handout

A Custom Blanket Could be the Ultimate Trade Show Handout

September 01, 2016

If you are looking for unique items for a tradeshow you should strongly consider the use of custom blankets instead of T-shirts, stationary or other corporate items. When you are interested in getting something that is totally unique for the next tradeshow you go to, here are some of the following reasons why you should consider custom blankets instead of other handout options:

  • Custom embroidered blankets display your logo much larger: Rather than a beach towel or tshirt a custom blanket can display your logo on a much larger scale than any other hand out. This means that when people start to use your blanket at events or display it in their home they can have a much larger picture of your logo to display.
  • Personalized blankets are unique: not too many people in a local tradeshow would have access to large custom blankets for giveaways. As a result you can often find a number of people who might be coming into your tradeshow booth just to get access to your custom blanket. Instead of giveaways that people regularly refuse like a backpack or stationary, you could have one of the most popular items at the show.
  • Custom throw blankets are extremely useful: Unlike some other items that are given away at trade shows, a custom blanket is ultimately something that's very useful to many of the customers you might see.
  • Customized throws can be a great deal: a custom blanket can be reasonable to produce. With great bulk deals available for printing you can have access to custom blankets for a price that is far less expensive than you may think. 

If you would like to order custom blankets for your next tradeshow giveaway you should strongly consider contacting our company!